Automated logistics control system

Our logistics solutions and automated facilities support our customers in standardization, automation, and visibility of information.

Automated logistics control system


1. Building of an Intelligent Integrated Control Center

Our immersive resource control services offer full control over real-time on-site resource monitoring and prediction.
Our AR/VR-based immersive control center utilizes cutting-edge IoT technology, including indoor positioning technology, to provide a real-time update of on-site resource (workforce, equipment, and facilities) location and operation.

2. Building of a Standard Solution–Based Logistics System

We offer solutions and added services based on our standard logistics operation process.
We bring our technological expertise in building and operating IT systems together with our mastery of logistics techniques as Korea’s No. 1 3PL logistics company, building a standard process-based operation system that incorporates the entire logistics process, from storage to unloading and shipping of materials, in the logistics center. Our latest IT technology helps us enhance the efficiency of our logistics systems to new levels.

3. Automated Logistics Facility and Control System

We create an automated and unmanned work environment through the latest automation technology and control techniques.
We provide automation facilities and services optimized to the on-site environment and capacity of our customers, and our WMS process synchronization and control systems help maximize the productivity of our systems.