e-Learning Service

Our total HRD online service is designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all HRD processes.

e-Learning Service


1. Optimized Content Development

Our contents are optimized to the needs and goals of our customers.
We develop and provide educational contents that are optimized for linking educational activity with business gains.

2. Education Management

We offer training services tailored to enhancing the administrative / leadership / work / language skills of employees.
A standardized process of entrance / introduction / progress management / evaluation / conclusion allows efficient and organic processing of training programs.

3. e-Academy

We offer total learning solutions designed to nurture the future drivers of CJ’s business specialties: Food&Food service, Bio&Pharma, Homeshopping&Logistics, as well as Entertainment&Media.
Our e-Academy program includes program planning and development for every proficiency level, online class outsourcing, on/off blended courses, and integrated management systems.

4. Platform Construction and Management

We build and manage one-stop learning platforms that integrate learning support, method, and process into a single structure.
Our integrated learning platform ensures that all academic resources in the field are fully integrated and employed toward creating an innovative HRD process.