IT Infrastructure

We offer safe and efficient management of information assets based on CJ Group’s top-quality Internet Data Center (IDC).

IT Infrastructure


1. Co-Location Services

We offer co-location services to construct and operate the best IT systems for our customers.
Our co-location services provide necessary location and high-speed, high-stability connections to build and maintain top-quality IT systems. Our services include server, network, security services, and other high-efficiency / low-cost services to optimize the performance of our customers.

2. Cloud Services

We offer an integrated package of computing resources (server, storage, and network), security, and management services based on virtualization technology.
Our computing service allows flexibility in contraction and expansion, as well as cost-effectiveness in usage rates, thus offering all the benefits of a top-quality cloud computing services at a fraction of the costs and risks.

3. Integrated Management Service

We provide round-the-clock and real-time monitoring and operational support, 365 days a year.
A combination of real-time monitoring and regular diagnosis detects and prevents any and all risks beforehand, while nonstop services and disaster recovery services offer consistency in any unanticipated events or failures.

4. Integrated Communication Services

We offer an integrated platform of network, communication devices, and software.
We bring together the various communication channels into a single source, providing quick and easy access regardless of time or location.