An insight into the success of your business through SNS data collection, analysis, and visualization



1. Provision of a Social Big Data Analysis Platform, Q-Finder

We offer an insight into the success of your business through social data collection, analysis, and visualization.
Our social Big Data analysis platform, Q-Finder, is an open-source, large-scale distributed processing system. The Q-Finder platform offers text mining techniques to derive real-time trends and public opinions in the social networking context, providing optimal insights for future projects.

2. Big Data Analysis Tailored to Customer Needs

We utilize our social data analysis techniques to create an optimal solution to your Big Data analysis needs.
Our Q-Finder platform offers analysis systems catered to the needs of our customers.

3. Social Analysis Consulting

We offer expert, detailed consulting services via an integrated analysis of social data and customer information.
The Q-Finder platform integrates and refines social network data and customer data to create product curation, O2O, cross-selling, and other consulting services that focus on creating a new field of potential for our customers and their consumers.