Security Terminal

We offer hardware-based credit card payment equipment with the highest degree of security to assist our customers’ payment safety and profit generation.

Security Terminal


1. FEC AerPOS Integrated Hybrid Card Reader

Our FEC AerPOS Reader, the first hybrid reader (MSR/SCR) in Korea, continues the design innovation of FEC AerPOS.

2. T-CAT (Tablet-Based Next-Generation Mini POS)

T-CAT is a tablet-based mini POS with an Intel Bay Trail Quad Core processor and a 7 in IPS panel.

3. T-POS

T-POS is a next-generation 15 in smart POS combining the best of PC-based POS and tablet-based POS.

4. T-POS Keyboard

T-POS Keyboard Series is the first POS keyboard of its kind, combining the keyboard technology of PrehKeyTec from Germany and ID Tech from the United States.