System Management

We have developed and operated the IT systems of affiliates of CJ Group (68 domestic companies and 153 overseas corporations in 15 countries) to contribute to the creation of various business results.

System Management


1. Adoption of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) System

We take the reliability of IT service and offer the quality improvement and customer satisfaction with the accomplishment management system improving the short part by quantitatively measuring the service level of IT service management.

2. Appliance with the IT Service Management (ITSM)

We improve based on the global standard process (IT infrastructure library) capabilities

3. On-Site Business Support

We take charge of customer communication based on business innovators (BI) and business relationships (BR). Moreover, we draw out and expand aligned customer improvement tasks and innovation challenges by doing customer contact works.

4. Operation of the IT Contact Center

We provide one-stop services from reception to resolution through the unification of acceptance windows for all IT inquiries to the IT contact center. Furthermore, we support the performance of efficient works about the IT operating organization through the gradual expansion of independently processing works

5. Failure Prevention Activities

It is necessary to operate the one-line regular response and 24-hour monitoring system of the IT system in service as a planned and continuous failure prevention activity.

System Management

System Management(SM)
  • Support for Customer Business
  • Operation/Development of the IT System
  • SLA System
  • PI activities and PJT support
  • Performance of Failure Prevention Activities


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