Ticket Reservation
(One Ticket)

Our expertise in ticket sales brings our customers the benefit of a one-stop, integrated ticket sales solution, from online reservation to ticketing.

Ticket Reservation(One Ticket)


1. Integrated Management System

Offers standard information management, sales overview, sales through call centers and headquarters, schedule management, seat selection and cancellation, and settlement management functionalities.

2. Reservation System

Offers date/amount selection, discount/delivery preferences, reservation confirmation / cancellation / SMS messaging, area/seat selection, and payment method selection functionalities.

3. On-Site Sales and Ticketing System

Offers credit card / cash sales, ticket cancellation/refund, reserved ticket issue/reissue, and accounting functionalities.

4. Sales Settlement System

Offers reservation status overview, sales figures, payment status, tax documentation history, payment history, and customer's statement of accounts functionalities.

Ticket Total Solution

Ticket Total Solution
Integrated Management System
  • Stage and ticket information management
  • Price and seat management
  • Schedule management
  • Seat selection and cancellation
  • Sales overview
  • Account settlement management
  • Sales at call center / headquarters
Online Reservation System
  • Step1 : Select date and no. of tickets
  • Step2 : Select area and seat
  • Step3 : Select discount and delivery information
  • Step4 : Select payment
  • Step5 : Reservation overview / cancellation / SMS
On-site Sales and Ticketing
  • Card/cash payment
  • Ticket cancellation/refund
  • Reserve seats
  • Ticketing
  • Re-ticketing
  • Account settlement by seller
Sales Settlement System
  • Customer's statement of accounts
  • Payment status
  • Payment history
  • Tax documents history