“CJ OliveNetworks provides tailor-made solutions through customer data analysis based on years of experience and capabilities in building and operating IT systems.”

CJ OliveNetworks has been developing its “own social data analysis platform.” The platform is a real-time solution for analyzing popular keywords, emotional keywords, keyword-wise mentions, and related words in social network services (SNS). It is very useful for obtaining consumer behavior patterns, their emotional changes, potential desires, as well as market trends and insights.

By integrating and reprocessing the data acquired through the social data analysis platform with the internal information of our customers, the customers can make customized product recommendations (Curation), online to off-line sales (O2O), cross selling between products and services sold by the CJ group, and other professional and specific services that focus on creating new experiences for our customers. In addition, they can generate new profits by expanding their area of business.

The major affiliates of the CJ Group including CJ CheilJedang, CJ Freshway, CJ Foodville, CJ O Shopping, and CJ CGV have been strengthening their service competitiveness by introducing CJ OliveNetworks’ social data analysis platform.

Meanwhile, CJ OliveNetworks is spearheading the construction of a “Big Data ecosystem” that integrates all of its customers’ data with the digital front, including web, applications, and cutting-edge interfaces. We integrate, process, and analyze all the data stored within our customer’s organization as well as those outside including SNS and public data, and provide services through the cloud.

When the system is activated, customers can easily obtain the data they need in every step of the value chain including product planning, production, distribution, logistics, and sales. Furthermore, we will be able to realize Smart Factory, Smart Logistics, and Smart Retail, creating new achievements through digital innovation.