Food & Food Service

“CJ OliveNetworks provides Total IT solutions required to manufacture and distribute basic materials and comprehensive food products and to run a wide range of catering brands.”

In the grocery manufacturing sector, we monitor the production environment in real time to ensure our products are safely and hygienically manufactured. In addition, we provide a quality control system to produce various foods with uniform quality.

In the food service sector, we aim to provide the benefits and services that customers want by analyzing and evaluating the sales information for each business field in real time by identifying the customers’ purchase patterns, menu preferences, as well as building and operating systems to provide various information necessary for marketing and store operations.

In the food material distribution sector, we manage the distribution history of food materials and support on time distribution of manufactured products. Simultaneously, we build and operate systems designed for strict hygiene and safety control.

In addition, based on the thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses combined with our accumulated know-how and technologies, we minimize the operational risks of our customers in the global market and provide optimized IT systems for each country, helping customers to improve their global competitiveness.