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CJ OliveNetworks Awarded a Certificate of Recognition for its Contribution toward Seongnam City




On October 13, CJ OliveNetworks received the honor of being awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the Seongnam City on its contribution toward the lifelong learning projects of the city.
The Certificate of Recognition honors the efforts of CJ OliveNetworks in creating a much-needed educational environment for the children’s community centers in Seongnam area, offering them software training opportunities according to the educational sharing philosophy of CJ OliveNetworks.



Here, CJ OliveNetworks provided software coding lessons for nearly 100 children in Seongnam’s children community centers from March to May 2016. Furthermore, it also took part in the Lifelong Live Learning program, which brings together parents and their children as they learn coding techniques as part of Seongnam city’s civic participation program.
Despite moving the headquarters to the Twin City near Seoul Station last February, CJ OliveNetworks has remained faithful to its link with Seongnam city, continuing, among other things, the education-sharing programs with the city.
CJ OliveNetworks has pledged to continue working toward a healthy educational culture for Seongnam city, offering software training and programs to facilitate the development of the students’ creativity, logic, and cognitive abilities.