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Young Creators at One Place! Site of CJ ONE Young Creator Orientation



“Witty and sparkling ideas from college students will attack CJ ONE!”

CJ ONE, found in all parts of our lives from the time we wake up until we fall asleep,
has gathered college students, confidently one in body and spirit with CJ ONE,  

as well as with unique and amazing ideas to become CJ ONE Young Creators.



On March 9 (Friday),
CJ ONE Young Creators held their first meeting. 


College students were selected through fierce competitionto become CJ ONE Young Creators.


The students were filled with expectations at the opportunity given to them to gain real-life field xperiences and seek solutions to problems by personally and deeply pondering,

 as well as visiting different work sites, instead of being an experience

that ends with a one-line statement written on a resume.




 The awkwardness of the first meeting soon ended with an ice breaker,
and the students gathered to complete missions with CJ, a leading company in culture creation.
The students formed teams, immediately joined forces, and focused to find solutions.


They had two missions to complete.
The first was to survey consumers and their use of the CJ ONE app,
and the second was to find ideas for unmanned store experience and benchmarking.




After a fierce (!) competition that even entails a rock-paper-scissors match,
three teams will get to work on the CJ ONE app-themed mission
and three other teams on the unmanned store benchmarking-themed mission for four months.

The CJ ONE Young Creators will have to submit their first mission report

by the end of March as their first goal.
To write the report, they will have to personally meet CJ ONE consumers and examine unmanned stores.
What do they then need to successfully complete the missions that entail exploring the unknown world?




CJ ONE mentors who are actually working in the field

and who can empower the college students’ brilliant ideas!
CJ ONE, leader of Korea’s cultural industry!

CJ ONE Young Creators to further brighten the sparkling ideas!

Let us cheer the remarkable activities from these fresh-faced youth
as we expect synergistic effects that the perfect golden combination will bring about!