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IT Business Held a Special Week to Commemorate the Third Anniversary


On December 2, 2017, CJ OliveNetworks celebrated its third anniversary. In particular, the company ended its Bundang era and moved to the Twin City at the heart of Seoul this year, a year marked by meaningful achievements through many changes and challenges.


To celebrate the third anniversary of the company’s establishment—made more special than the previous years—the IT Business of the company designated November 27 to December 1 as “a week to commemorate the company’s third anniversary.” During the week, they spent time not only to communicate and build consensus, but also to practice sharing.


Let us introduce the detailed news of the week.


First, the company set aside time named “1 team presenting 1 technological achievement made throughout the company” as part of efforts made to share the research achievements made in the organization. The company has ceaselessly researched and worked hard overtime throughout the year in order to reinforce the work competency of its members, as well as improve their expertise.




As such, an event was held to share the achievements made by members of each department, thanks to their having gathered overtime in small groups to grasp the latest IT trends and having researched hard for the entire year. During the event, the Food IT Service Team showcased their intelligent smart store solution of utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) to grasp the location information of consumers utilizing beacons and mark menus that consumers prefer through unmanned POS systems.


With the recent advancement of technological recognition for AI, the SI Development Team presented cases on how face recognition marketing can be applied. On the other hand, the IDC Management Team’s network section shared the network optimization measures they learned by researching and realizing a Software Defined Network (SDN) environment utilizing open source.


The team that had the honor of being selected as the most excellent research group was the Open Solution Team, for their development of a container-based PaaS service platform. The said platform can be used to easily and speedily build SW through self-service.


In addition, a mobile academy was held last July with all the staffs to secure technologies for the mobile first era. Those who completed the program submitted a total of 387 applications, among which 12 were evaluated as being excellent and showcased.




Among those regarded as excellent were an application that can read a person’s face from a photo and tell his or her emotional state; an app that can be used to check the status of public parking lots in Seoul; an app that supports language learning; and other diverse apps catering to necessary matters in real life. All these apps full of ideas were shared and experienced during the event.


Furthermore, diverse programs were prepared to practice sharing and deliver the warm love of CJ OliveNetworks’ staff to neighbors around them, despite the cold and fierce wind that left almost everyone shivering.


The staff not only courageously donated blood to save lives, but they also brought hand-made bibs and hats, as well as natural humidifiers and other goods, for babies who grow up without the love of parents to survive the cold winter.




Moreover, the staff held a dart contest to realize the GCP2020 goal. The contest soon became passionate, earning favorable response from everyone.


The dart contest, which anyone could easily participate in and enjoy, helped each team relieve the stress they accumulated over the year and bond.



On December 1, the company held a ceremony to commemorate its third anniversary.


During the ceremony, 42 long-term employees who contributed to the development of the company by giving their best for the past years, were awarded. Also, organizations and individuals who made great achievements in 2017 were awarded for their contribution. As such, it was a time to congratulate the achievements made by the staff, thanks to their hard work exerted day and night.




The company’s CEO, Lee Kyung-bae, thanked the staff for their hard work and for the achievements made over the past year during his commemorative speech. In addition, he encouraged the staff to make 2018 the best year. He said that this year should be one wherein both the company and the staff achieve mutual growth by developing blue oceans that the company can pursue and leading the new paradigm of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


All members joined forces to lend a helping hand to neighbors in need during the company’s third anniversary week. Everyone also spent time to make new pledges, in line with the movement of the headquarters to Seoul.


CJ OliveNetworks IT Business members promise to work even harder in 2018, the year of the Golden Dog, to assure everyone develops in his or her given position.