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Why Did CJ OliveNetworks’ New IT Go to CJ HumanVille?


A Very Special Try-On Space Installed at CJ HumanVille!



Last April, the first floor lobby of CJ HumanVille’s Leadership Center, where a training course was conducted for the promoted staff of CJ Group, was crowded with CJ Group employees who were filled with expectations to try “new experiences.”


What made the CJ employees stand in a long queue was the space that was prepared for them to try the “smart store” solutions developed by CJ OliveNetworks. Here, an "Interactive signage” and an “IoT display shelf” were installed, offering a special virtual shopping experience to the visitors.


 △CJ OliveNetworks space with future-oriented smart store technologies


The first solution that we examined was the “Interactive signage.” The interactive signage recognizes a face to analyze a customer’s sex and age group, and then recommends products and promotions that fit him/her. The employees who tried the solution could not help but exclaim in awe when it precisely analyzed the sex and age group of anyone standing in front of the screen.


△Visitors of CJ HumanVille who personally tried the “Interactive signage”—it gave them a correct answer again without fail!


Another solution that drew the interest of CJ employees was the “IoT display shelf” where IoT technology was merged. The stand provides detailed information on the screen of any product selected by a customer with interest. Customers no longer need to read the small letters written on the back of products each time, and can, instead, conveniently check the information and decide whether to purchase them.


 △An IoT display shelf that provides detailed information related to any product when it is simply touched… isn’t it a smart device?


Aside from booths for trying smart stores, a humanoid robot named “Pepper” was introduced at CJ HumanVille to help the promoted staff of CJ Group learn the corporate management philosophy.


 △“Hello. My name is Pepper!” – Humanoid robot, Pepper, greeting the promoted staff at CJ HumanVille


Pepper, who was developed by SoftBank Robotics of Japan, can freely move its head, arms, waist, knees, and fingers, as well as read the emotions of people through its emotion-recognition sensor. It is the world’s first emotion-recognition robot. CJ OliveNetworks used emotion-recognition technology based on artificial intelligence (AI) and proactive-interaction technology to develop the service application of Pepper, and showcased it for the first time to visitors at CGV Yongsan I-Park Mall in October last year.


During the course conducted for promoted staff, Pepper offered unique entertainment to CJ employees through its Q&A-type “Quiz on CJ corporate management philosophy,” “Twenty questions,” and “on-the-spot audition” as an entertainment service, and photo-taking service.


 △Participants taking the Q&A quiz on CJ corporate management philosophy


Having proven the potential of servicing robots by developing the service application of Pepper, CJ OliveNetworks is working hard to develop related technologies to lead the spread of AI/robot services in CJ Group in the future. Furthermore, it plans to provide future-oriented retail services by continuously discovering digital solutions that enhance the efficiency of store management, such as an interactive signage, an IoT display shelf, and an electronic shelf label (ESL).


Let us look forward to the era of “Digital Transformation” which will bring innovative changes to people’s lifestyle at points of contact between CJ Group and its consumers.