“CJ OliveNetworks provides total IT services for all processes from building IT-based facilities to diagnosis, operation, control, and restoration of IT resources with Songdo IDC, a data center equipped with the country’s the most competent and available personnel in the field of operation and management."

In the co-location service area, we lease the space required for building and operating our customers’ IT systems and provide fast and reliable independent broadband Internet lines. Furthermore, we maximize the efficiency of our customers’ business by supporting server, network, and security equipment as well as by offering high-efficiency and low-cost supplementary services.

In the field of operational management services, we proactively detect and prevent various threats through continuous 24/7 operation, triple backup, and real-time monitoring services. We also provide stable and efficient resource management support even in various problematic situations during operation.

In the field of network services, we build and operate networks that meet the characteristics of the customer business and the market environment, and provide consulting and maintenance services for expanding the network and integrating networks between the business sites.

In the field of unified communication service, we build and operate platforms that integrate the network, communication equipment, and software into one. By unifying communication channels such as the telephone, fax, mobile phone, messenger, video conferencing, and others, we create an environment where customers can carry out their business whenever and wherever the customers can carry out their business without the restrictions of space and time