Big Data Analysis

Process internal/external data into core assets through linking, fusing, and refining, and offer actual business results by providing data analysis and utilization infrastructure.

Big Data Analysis


1. Big Data Analysis Consulting and Infrastructure

We provide customer value chain innovation consulting and infrastructure services based on higher analysis, helping create new insights and business results.
We support consulting services and infrastructure designed to create and implement innovation in the value chain (product/service planning, manufacturing, logistics, marketing, sales, CS, etc.) using Big Data.

2. Data-Driven Integrated Marketing Services

We offer target marketing services tailored to the needs of our customers through customer lifestyle Big Data analysis.
CJ OliveNetworks offers a top-tier culture and lifestyle data archive drawn from a holistic analysis of lifestyle services from the CJ Group. Based on our extensive database, we offer a full range of data necessary for higher Big Data analysis, the creation of marketing insights, and ultimately, high-efficiency target marketing schemes. (Currently undergoing service enhancement)

3. Big Data Analysis–Based Platform Services

We offer Social Analysis Platform, Big Data Analysis Infrastructure Platform, Lifestyle Data Processing and Distribution Platform, Digital Target Marketing Platform, and Digital Web/App Log Analysis Platform through cloud computing, assisting our customers in utilizing Big Data and creating business insights.

  • Our social analysis platforms provide analysis services across SNS, blogs, and other social platforms to derive market insights (Go to Q-Finder)
  • The Big Data analysis infrastructure platform is a cloud computing–based service that integrates data storage, analysis tools (algorithms and higher analysis), and visualization tools.
  • Lifestyle Data Processing and Distribution Platforms provide data mediation through the collection and processing of consumer lifestyle and product distribution data, and offers consumption trend indices by analyzing off-line store visit and credit card usage data.
  • Digital Target Marketing Platform maintains a full range of data on customer web, app, off-line store visit, purchase, and other lifestyle data, and assists in choosing the most optimal consumer for target marketing schemes. (Currently undergoing service enhancement)
  • Digital Web/App Log Analysis Platform collects, stores, and analyzes visitor logs to provide analysis on web/app traffic and customer movement history.