Press Release

CJ ONE Practices “Culture Sharing” by Inviting Children to Exhibitions

2018.09.03Press Release

- Invited 1,200 children and youth to popular exhibitions for four months… expects to reach a total of 3,500 beneficiaries this year
- Shares the benefit with various members of society such as children of single parents and those cared for by about 4,000 community child centers nationwide
- Expanded its support to hands-on experience activities such as a children’s workshop held at the Seoul Arts Center on September 1 titled “Oh! Hervé Tullet, A Retrospective”

[CJ OliveNetworks = September 3, 2018 (Monday)] CJ’s integrated lifestyle membership service, CJ ONE (, announced that it has been practicing “culture sharing” by inviting children and youth from low-income families to famous exhibitions since last April.

CJ ONE planned this sharing activity with the goal of narrowing the cultural gap between different members of the society. The purpose is to offer an excellent opportunity to experience a culture, to children with little opportunity to go to exhibitions given their difficult situations. CJ ONE has already invited a total of about 1,200 children to exhibitions from April until August this year, which is a meaningful achievement made for a short period.

Children of single parents and those of 4,000 community child centers who are getting support from CJ Donors Camp (a sharing platform of CJ Group) became the target of this “Culture Sharing”. 

The children got to appreciate and more easily enjoy artworks by attentively listening to the explanations given by the guides at the exhibitions. The exhibitions included “The Art of Aardman Animations: Wallace & Gromit and Friends” held at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), as well as “Chagall: Love and Life,” “Niki de Saint Phalle,” and “Makoto Shinkai” held at the Seoul Arts Center. CJ ONE plans to invite children to “Alice in Wonderland” held at the War Memorial of Korea in September as well.

“It was always regrettable that children who like art and have artistic talents did not have much opportunity to personally view artworks, so the current event, therefore, provided a meaningful experience,” said an official from a community child center in Seoul, who viewed the exhibition titled “Chagall: Love and Life.”

On September 1, CJ ONE invited 30 children to “Oh! Hervé Tullet, A Retrospective” held at the Seoul Arts Center as part of culture sharing. The exhibition is Asia’s first large private exhibition of Tullet, a famous French illustrator, where one can view about 500 original artworks, including the original paintings, objects, and videos of Tullet. 

The children who viewed the exhibition on this day also had the opportunity to participate in the “Creative Art Workshop” that Tullet devised for children. The workshop entailed viewing the exhibition with expert lecturers and then personally learning Tullet’s drawing techniques. As a program that included a creative art game using paints and creatively completing artworks, it provided children with the time to experience art through all their five senses, going beyond just looking at artworks with the eyes only. As a result, the children truly enjoyed the workshop.

“We have come to showcase the “culture sharing” of sharing the opportunity to view exhibitions for the first time as a membership service, thus living up to CJ’s reputation as a company that creates and leads culture,” said Manager Cho Yeon-hwa of CJ ONE. “We will continue to support and expand our sharing programs to various experience activities so that children may enjoy culture and arts better.”

CJ ONE plans to invite about 600 children to exhibitions every month from September to the end of the year to share culture with a total of about 3,500 children and youth this year. (End)