CJ OliveNetworks present a Smart HACCP solution, FactoryONE HACCP

2020.04.29Press Release

- Automation of critical control point (CCP) monitoring, record, and management for the quick response and enhanced productivity
- Application of blockchain technology to prevent data falsification or fabrication, improving security and reliability
- A cloud-based service to be provided wherein even small factories can apply it quickly at low cost

[CJ OliveNetworks = Tuesday, April 28, 2020] CJ OliveNetworks (CEO Cha In-hyok) will present a Smart HACCP general management solution, FactoryONE HACCP, which implements the automated HACCP system for food companies.

The Smart HACCP is a digitalized and automated certificate system that is transformed from the previous HACCP that manually manages risks in the process. 

The Smart HACCP, based on IoT and cyber-physical system (CPS), automates the CCP monitoring and digitizes documents. It also enables real-time HACCP data collection, management, and analysis. 

CJ OliveNetworks developed a CCP monitoring automated record management system for its food factories. This year, the company created a standard platform module equipped with various functions, such as the prevention of data falsification or fabrication, document management digitization, and real-time data monitoring. 

In addition, CJ OliveNetworks will establish a management system that monitors and documents the CCP, allowing food manufacturers to get certified with the Smart HACCP. It will also provide an easy-to-apply and low-cost cloud service targeted to small factories. 

The FactoryONE HACCP has improved security and reliability by applying blockchain technology to prevent falsification or fabrication of the data on risks, which are recorded automatically during the manufacturing process. 

The new system provides digital data management, allowing manufacturers to focus more on productivity than record management. Moreover, the statistical process control (SPC) has been applied to the system, which is a statistical method of measuring and controlling quality, to notify customers when events occur. 

A control chart using big data is provided, allowing manufacturers to increase productivity and effectively manage factories through process capability analysis.

With the rising public concern because of the increase in incidents and stricter regulations on food safety certification standards, automation in the manufacturing industry has been accelerating. In addition, the government has been carrying out the Smart HACCP project since 2018.

“The FactoryONE HACCP will contribute to the improvement of transparency and reliability in the food manufacturing process to provide for safe and healthy foods. This solution can strengthen the quality of the HACCP system and increase the productivity of our customers by improving their process,” said Kim Eung-do, who is in charge of the DT Project at OliveNetworks.