CJ OliveNetworks Announced the “New Vision”

2020.09.15Press Release

▲ Cha In-Hyeok, the CEO of CJ OliveNetworks is announcing the New Vision.

- Held a digital live Vision Announcement Ceremony to the entire employees of 1,200

- CEO Cha In-Hyeok announced mid- to long-term strategies such as new digital projects, expansion of external projects, and investments.

- Taking a new step by innovating the organizational culture such as the creation of social values and securing and developing global talents

[CJ OliveNetworks = Tuesday, Sept 15. 2020] As the CEO of CJ OliveNetworks, Cha In-Hyeok, announces the New Vision of the “Top Tier Digital Service Company that Leads the Happiness of Clients and the Society”, CJ is starting on a new journey.

CJ OliveNetworks held the Vision Announcement Ceremony at the Headquarters in Twin City, Yongsan. CEO Cha and 10 senior management members attended on site, and at the same time, 1,200 employees also participated in a digital live ceremony. 


CJ OliveNetwork’s New Vision has the meaning of providing life/culture digital services at the top tier level and making a better world through the company’s ONLYONE technologies based on their best skills and culture.


The reason of CJ OliveNetworks’ announcement of their New Vision is because of the increased demand for new client values and a new direction for digital-based new growth projects in the rapidly changing management environment such as the damage wreaked by COVID-19 and the normalization of contactless routine, the emergence of platform strength, new cold-war, and climate change.



▲ CJ OliveNetworks’ New Mission, Vision, and Work Rules

CJ OliveNetworks established the New Vision Structure to realize client needs and create social values, and as Work, Rules to achieve the mission and vision selected ▲Client-orientation ▲Increase of social value ▲Strengthened expertise, and ▲Innovation.


This represents CJ OliveNetwork's commitment to not only build trust with clients by developing the best technologies and capabilities, but also put effort to fulfill social responsibilities and create a culture that respects innovation, challenges, and diversity.


In the Vision Ceremony, CEO Cha In-Hyeok announced the strategy to secure business competitiveness through selective and focused investments as well as by expanding the existing IT business areas and carry out the 5 major new digital projects that are focused on AI and Big Data.


As the 5 major new digital projects, CJ presented ▲Digital marketing ▲AI Factory ▲Digital medicine ▲Smart City, and ▲BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) projects, and plans to lead innovation in clients’ marketing, production, purchase, and SCM areas.


In addition, they also established the goal to increase the weight of external sales by more than 60% by 2025 by securing competitive solutions, strengthening cloud infrastructure service capabilities, and vitalization of CJ ONE-based data service.


In addition, to quickly enter the market and expand business areas, CJ plans to take over or invest in the shares of the companies at home and abroad that has competitive technologies.


In step with the announcement of the New Vision, CJ OliveNetworks will innovate its organizational culture. CJ will create an organizational culture that can innovate through various activities such as ▲Bold employment of female leaders and young talents ▲Securing and developing global talents ▲Strengthening technological capabilities focusing on AI·Big data·Cloud ▲Reform to make horizontal rank structure, and ▲New project incubating program


Also, in step with the start of New Normal such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution and COVID-19, CJ will establish governance for sustainability and its implementation/review system. Their policy is to fulfill the social responsibilities by creating an ecosystem where both local communities and supplies can mutually grow, policies for compatibility of work and family, and fair trades, and to put the effort in quality management for customer satisfaction.


▲ Cha In-Hyeok, the CEO of CJ OliveNetworks is taking photos with the employee representative at the Vision Announcement Ceremony


CEO Cha In-Hyeok said, “At the time where it is required to provide new customer values due to the rapid changes in the management environment and change the business model, we established our mission and vision 

by reflecting the group’s business philosophy and employees’ suggestions”, emphasizing that “We will continue to secure competitive solutions and diversify services to achieve high-value addition.” (The End)